Ek Paheli Leela

1.9/5 by 9 users
145 mins

Country: IN


Censor Rating: U/A

Release Date: 10-Apr-2015

Genre: Romance

Director: Bobby Khan

Actors: Mohit Ahlawat, Sunny Leone, Rahul Dev, Rajniesh Duggall, Jay Bhanushali, Jas Arora, VJ Andy, Ahsaan Qureshi

Budget: ₹ 150000000

Box Office Collection: ₹ 2657000000

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The movie starts with Karan (Jay Bhanushali) moving to a new house in Mumbai along with his friends. Karan is a singer and musician who often helps his sister Radhika with music for her fashion shows. Radhika (Shivani Tanksale), is a fashion photographer who wants to get Meera (Sunny Leone) for her shows with the help of her friend Andy (VJ Andy). They both discover that Meera is afraid of travelling in an aeroplane, but take her to India through aeroplane by making her drink. Meera discovers th
e truth and gets angry. Meanwhile, her mood changes as she sees rajasthani girls playing a traditional game and starts to play with them. Meanwhile in Bombay, Karan has persistent dreams of someone whipping him. In an attempt to figure why, his friend takes him to a Pandit (Nadi-Shakti Scholar) who tells him that his pain is rooted in his past life. While in India, Meera meets Ranveer Singh (Mohit Ahlawat), a Rajput prince, in Rajasthan. The two eventually fall in love and get married. Ranveer is in middle of a property dispute with his cousin Bikram Singh (Jas Arora). Karan travels through his past and figures out that he was Shravan (Rajneesh Duggal), 300 years ago. He was in love with a girl named Leela (also played by Sunny Leone) but his master, an artist, Bhairao (Rahul Dev) adopts her as his muse. Bhairao makes a statue of Leela and discovers that Leela is in love with Shravan. In a fit of rage, Bhairao kills both Shravan and Leela. Karan goes to Bhairao Virajana (a place of dispute between Ranveer and Bikram). Karan tries to remind Meera about their past but Meera does not believe him. Karan plays a song "Tere Bin" that takes Meera back into their past and she recollects her past life. Meera and Karan get kidnapped by Bikram who is looking for a statue that Bhairao made. The current market value of the statue is 10 billion and Bikram wants to keep the money for himself. Karan reveals that the statue was hidden behind a wall. When Bikram gets to the statue, he is killed by Ranveer. It turns out Karan was wrong all along. He was actually the reincarnation of Bhairao and not of Shravan (who got reincarnated in Ranveer). Karan tries to redeem his ills by committing suicide but Meera and Ranveer don't let him. Karan's album "Tere Bin" gets him fame. Meera and Ranveer unite
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